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About Our 
Executive Centres 

At Calgary Executive Centre, we provide office space flexibility, so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business. Experience our personalized, professional Mount Royal Executive Centre.

Calgary Executive Centre is a family-owned business that and has operated for 20 years.

Mount Royal Executive Centers Share Lunch Area

Building Community

We know the challenges faced by small businesses because we are one, too. That's why we're committed to helping each of our clients promote their business.

We'll add your company name to our directory and encourage you to leave your business cards at reception. Clients who sign on for a 1-year office rental also have the opportunity to have their business featured on our website. You'd be surprised how many people access our business centres each day—you never know who may need your services!

Setting up your business with us also creates countless opportunities to network. Strike up a conversation at the coffee machine in the morning or join us for one of our networking events.


What could be better than using a business set up just down the hall or finding the right fit for a collaboration?

Our Community 

Crusader Joint Ventures
Crusader Logo

Crusader Joint Ventures is a network of technical experts that supplies and deploys oil and gas equipment both locally in Alberta, Canada, and internationally. We create solutions for new and used equipment that are flexibly offered, carefully executed, and delivered with ease. Browse pump packages, separators, compressors, generators, and more. How can we help you?

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2 Percent Realty Inc.
2% Realty Logo

At 2% Realty we are a little different—but in a good way. We believe in value added service and helping you keep more of your investment. We offer 100% Realty Services for ONLY 2% commission. With 2% Realty, you don't get less, you just pay less.

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PractiCar is a leader in practical car rental solutions, both for the end consumer and the operating proprietor.

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Headquartered in Calgary and serving central and southern Alberta, I specialize in real estate transactions, wills and estates, and corporate legal matters.

I will bring extensive experience and professionalism to your matter and support your needs and concerns.

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BetterMe Psychology
Phone Number
+1 587 850 2907
Email Address

Better Me Logo

Psychological services for children, youth and adults in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Please get the help you need from professionals who are leaders in their fields.

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The Karat Patch Jewwllers
The Karat Path Jewellers Logo

The Karat Patch Jewellers has been in Calgary for over 26 years now. We make discussing, choosing, designing, and purchasing your jewellery, custom item or repair easier in a personal, friendly, and relaxed setting. With over 5000 designs available, we give you more choice than anyone else. We also can create a truly one-of-a-kind design for you! We are experts in all types of jewellery and watch repairs. Welcome to our website; please enjoy your stay and come back soon!

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Hill Psychological Services 825 288 8949
Office Manager Julia
Sales Manager Mila

UKR Cleane

We, the UkrCleaner team have been dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning services since 2010. 

Our mission is to deliver high-quality cleaning services that contribute to the comfort and well-being of our clients' homes and workspaces. 

With a track record of excellence, we are proud to have served over 10,000 satisfied customers!

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RKG Consulting

RKG Consulting

Providers of Business Solutions in Operations, Corporate Strategy, ESG, Finance and Capital Markets

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Delta Marketing + Communications inc.

DELTA Marketing + Communications inc logo

Every client is different.  Every project is different.  We offer our clients a variety of levers to pull and dials to turn.  Together, we find the right combination of strategy and resources to get the job done.

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Refresh Counselling 
Refresh Counseling

Refresh Counselling is a team of skilled and caring psychologists who are committed to providing quality mental health resources in Calgary and virtually across Alberta. We are passionate about helping people gain insight and a deeper understanding of self. We create a safe haven for our clients to explore personal obstacles, confront hurts, and process their feelings. 

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Summit Infrastructure 
Summit Infrastructure Logo with train

Canada's Leading Provider of track monitoring solutions and railway products. We are driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability for the Canadian rail industry. 

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Canary Counselling

Canary Counselling

When it comes to your health and overall well-being, it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional you can trust. Over the years, I’ve provided therapeutic support to clients throughout Calgary from all walks of life. My expertise covers a broad spectrum of mental health services.  Check out my qualification below, and call me today for a consultation.

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VIP Kids Global 
VIP Kid Global

Online English Classes: 1-on-1 English classes for kids ages 4-15, taught by certified teachers from the U.S. and Canada. 

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Grey Psychology
Grey Psychology Logo

At Grey Psychology, I offer psychotherapy and psychological assessment services to individuals who are experiencing a variety of challenges. Whether you are navigating a depressive episode, daily anxiety, ADHD, grief/loss, or questions around identity or career, my approach will involve a systematic understanding of the core issue, identification of a meaningful goal, and the use of evidence-based therapeutic techniques to support you in overcoming barriers and realizing your potential. Encouragement is central to my approach.

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Sharon Stopforth
Sharon Stopforth Logo

Is talk therapy only getting you so far?
Integrating mind, body, emotions and spirit for increased aliveness, authenticity, self-awareness, connectedness, personal fulfillment and empowerment.

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SIYS - Struggle Is Your Success
Struggle is your success Logo

Struggle Is Your Success (S.I.Y.S) Is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to providing tangible entrepreneurial skills and mindset development that inspires, guides and motivates Youth from diverse backgrounds to discover and pursue their passions in life and overcome their challenges through exciting programs and workshops so that they can become self-sustaining members of our community and achieve success in their lives.

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Kaimana Psychology

I am a registered provisional psychologist in a private practice serving clients in and around Calgary, Alberta. I offer virtual sessions as well as in-person. As your therapist, I prioritize creating a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes growth and positive change for you.

I look forward to working with you to address your challenges and tackle your therapy goals. Therapy is a process that can move you toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the life you desire.

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Wild Heart Psychology
Wild Heart Psychology Logo

Alysha (she/her) is a psychologist who engages mindfully with compassion, purpose, and curiosity. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology at Mount Royal University before earning her Master of Education in Counselling at the University of Lethbridge. Alysha has specific experience working with women’s mental health at an outpatient clinic and worked at a general outpatient clinic, seeing individuals of all ages, experiences, cultures, and mental health concerns (including depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorder, psychosis, etc). She also has experience facilitating groups for women who are at risk of or have experienced domestic violence, adult and teen dialectical-behaviour therapy (DBT) groups, in addition to mindful self-compassion groups. 

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Calgary Psychological Services 

We offer full psychological services, including gifted testing, psycho-educational assessments, & counselling in Calgary, Alberta.

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AAICCI- Aalba Immigration & Canada Consulting Inc.
A Canadian Goose Flying with a sign in its beak.

Immigration Services From Experienced Agents.

100 % Genuine Assistance

We can do this over the phone, or you can meet with us!

Accurate & Expert Advice

Our experts will analyze and understand requirements before recommending the most appropriate service to meet the needs.

Faster & Reliable Execution

Our highly trained professionals ensure that all applications comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

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The Calgary Legal Team 
Grey and red Lines that look like a blocky three

At the Calgary Legal Team, law firm in Calgary, Alberta we believe that the highest quality of law service is the standard you should expect from our law firm in Calgary, Alberta. We are proud to be able to offer the same level of law service and results you would expect from much larger Calgary law firms at a price that delivers more value to our clients. This commitment to excellence is something we take very seriously.

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Design Matters Construction 
Design Matters Construction logo

DMC Recruitment Group was established to address the unique needs of the construction supply chain from Architecture and Design, to Building Materials, and through to Construction. Distinct from other agencies, DMC recognizes that the building industry ebbs and flows according to unique market conditions, seasonal schedules, and external factors, and offers an established understanding of the specific needs of this segment of the economy.

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MDA Law Real Estate, Wills and Estates Logo

Headquartered in Calgary and serving central and southern Alberta, I specialize in real estate transactions, wills and estates and corporate legal matters.

I will bring extensive experience and professionalism to your matter and support your needs and concerns.

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