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About Our 
Executive Centres 

At Calgary Executive Centre, we provide office space flexibility, so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business. Experience our personalized, professional Mount Royal Executive Centre

Calgary Executive Centre is a Family owned business that and has operated for 20 years.


Building Community

We know the challenges faced by small businesses because we are one, too. That's why we're committed to helping each of our clients promote their business.

We'll add your company name to our directory and encourage you to leave your business cards at reception. Clients who sign on for a 1 year office rental also have the opportunity to have their business featured on our website. You'd be surprised how many people access our business centres each day - you never know who may need your services!

Setting up your business with us also creates countless opportunities to network. Strike up a conversation at the coffee machine in the morning or join us for one of our networking events.


What could be better than using a business set up just down the hall or finding the right fit for a collaboration?

Our Community 

Crusader Joint Ventures
MERC - Community Logos (15).png

Crusader Joint Ventures is a network of technical experts that supplies and deploys oil and gas equipment both locally in Alberta, Canada and Internationally. We create solutions for new & used equipment that are flexibly offered, carefully executed, and delivered with ease. Browse pump packages, separators, compressors, generators and more. How can we help you?

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2 Percent Realty Inc.
MERC - Community Logos (14).png

At 2% Realty we are a little different - but in a good way. We believe in value added service and helping you keep more of your investment. We offer 100% Realty Services for ONLY 2% commission. With 2% Realty, you don't get less, you just pay less.

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PractiCar is a leader in practical car rental solutions, both for the end consumer and the operating proprietor.

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Choice Point Psychological Services
MERC - Community Logos (16).png

Our mission is to provide you with accessible and focused therapeutic services that will move you towards your values and highest potential.

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Louise Muir Family Law

Calgary: 587 228 2824
403 970 0550
Okotoks: 403 970 0550
587 228 2824

Calgary and Okotoks Family Lawyer. 

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Envision Counselling and Consulting
MERC - Community Logos (9).png

We are here to assist you create healthy, passionate, and purposeful life - whether that means achieving a better mental health, optimal performance, success in career or sport. 

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Hill Psychological Services
(403) 992-3352
MERC - Community Logos (10).png

Child & Youth Therapy Psychoeducational Assessment. 

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Liberty Security Systems
MERC - Community Logos (7).png

Monitor your Home or Business Security from wherever you are
Using a phone, tablet, or computer, control your Liberty system to manage features like smart door locks, appliances, lights, and garage doors, adjust your thermostat, or use business or home automation to streamline it all.

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Delta Marketing + Communications inc.
MERC - Community Logos (8).png

Every client is different.  Every project is different.  We offer our clients a variety of levers to pull and dials to turn.  Together, we find the right combination of strategy and resources to get the job done.

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